Tango dance steps - Tango basic steps for beginners

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How to Dance the Tango : The Basic Steps in Tango Dancing
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Скачать видео уроки танца танго бесплатно . Learn the basic steps in tango dancing in this free online instructional dance video. Expert: Sarolta Eke & Tamas Kassay Bio: Sarolta Eke has been dancing in Ballroom and Latin dance competitions for 6 years and owns a dance club where she's been teaching for 6 years. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky ...

Dance Lessons : How to Learn Tango Dance Steps
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Скачать видео уроки танца танго бесплатно . Learn tango dance steps by having the male dancer start with one step back, one step to the right, a step to the side and then several steps forward. Move forward, backward and to the side when dancing the tango with instructions from an experienced dance instructor in this free video on dancing. E ...